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  • Product Name: Phenethyl acetate(natural)
Mol.Wt. 164.21

Color and Appearance:Colorless liquid.
Purity: ≥99%(GC)
Relative Density(25/25℃): 1.030~1.034
Ref.Index(20℃): 1.4970~1.5010
Heavy metals(Calculated as Pb): ≤10mg/kg
Arsenic content(Calculated as As): ≤3mg/kg
Natural purity: ≥95.0%
Odor and Uses:
Sweet, honey, fruity, rose.
Used in fragrances for cosmetics and soaps. Also used in rose, neroli and fruity flavorings. Used as a substitute of methyl heptyne carbonate.
Packing and Storage:Plastic and plastic lined iron container. Shelf-life: 2 years in sealed container.

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