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  • Product Name: Turpentine-Oil(ChinesePharmacopeia)
Color and Appearance:Coloress Liquid
Relative Density at 25/25℃: 0.8520 to 0.8700
Refractive Index at 20℃: 1.4670 to 1.4760
Boiling Range: 154 to 165℃ minimum 90%(V/V)
Solubility: Clearly soluble in 2 parts of 95% alcohol
Flash Point: 35℃
Uses: Used as solvent in Paint and other industries.
The main functions in medicine are to relax the tendons and stimulate the circulation. Besides,It is a raw material for synthesis of borneol and camphor etc.Packing and Storage: In galvanized steel drums.Second class inflammable.

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