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  • Product Name: Ethyl Vanillin
Color and Appearance: White power like crystals.
Odor: Has a dense and sweet odor, reminiscent of the vanilla pod.
Melting Point: 76~78℃
Solubility(25℃): 1g sample can be clearly dissolved in 3ml of 95% alcohol.
Weight-loss on Drying: ≤0.5%
Odor and Uses:
It has a dense cream odor, more than vanillin. It is Widely used in confectionery, cakes, beverages, chocolates, breads, biscuits and ice creams, etc. It is also widely used for tobacco, toothpaste, soap and other cosmetics.
Packing: 1㎏/plastic tins; 20㎏, 40㎏, 50㎏/fiber board drums.
N.B.: According with the FCC.Ⅲ edition.

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